Custom Tin Packaging – Decorative Tins – Tin Boxes

Custom Tins

JPak International offers high quality custom tins and stock tins. Choose from over 1,000 stock mold options, or create fully custom tin containers. We specialize in manufacturing custom tin packaging for a variety of industries, including tea, coffee, and cosmetics. From design to manufacturing, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs.

  • Bring your packaging design to the next level with full color printing
  • Stock molds and custom tins available in all shapes and sizes
  • Make your brand stand out with specialty finishes, including metallic, glass, matte, crackle, and pearl
  • Try out embossing or debossing for high impact logos and art
  • All tins are eco-friendly and sustainable, made from highly recyclable materials

Perfect Products for Custom Tin Packaging and Decorative Tins

Custom tin boxes and decorative tins from JPak International provide a stylish and durable packaging solution for a variety of products. Here’s a look at the types of products that can benefit from our high-quality tins:

Tin boxes for Gourmet Treats
Our custom tins are ideal for packaging gourmet treats such as chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and candies. The tins not only preserve the freshness and flavor of the products but also add an element of luxury that enhances the overall appeal.

Tin containers for Tea and Coffee
For tea and coffee brands, our tins offer an airtight and stylish packaging solution. The tins help preserve the aroma and flavor while providing a reusable container that customers can cherish.
Custom Tins for Spices and Herbs
Spices and herbs can greatly benefit from our decorative tins, which protect the contents from light, air, and moisture. The attractive design also makes them perfect for display on kitchen shelves.

Decorative Tins for Beauty Products
Cosmetics and personal care products like creams, balms, and bath salts look elegant and are well-protected in our custom tins. These tins also provide a premium feel that enhances the product's perceived value.

Custom Tin Packaging for Jewelry and Accessories
Our decorative tins are excellent for packaging jewelry, watches, and other accessories. The sturdy and attractive tins not only protect delicate items but also serve as beautiful gift packaging.

Tin Boxes for Gift Sets and Kits
Gift sets and promotional kits can be elegantly packaged in our custom tins. These tins make the products stand out, adding a touch of sophistication that makes them perfect for gifting.

Custom Tins for Collectibles and Memorabilia
Limited edition items and collectibles can be packaged in our custom tins to enhance their value and appeal. The sturdy packaging protects the items while adding an exclusive touch.

Holiday and Seasonal Items Look Great in Decorative Tins!
Seasonal products, especially those sold during holidays, can be attractively packaged in themed decorative tins. These tins add a festive touch and make the products perfect for gifting.

Tin Containers for Medical Supplies
Our custom tins can be used to package medical supplies such as bandages, first aid kits, and other small medical items. The tins ensure that these critical supplies are kept clean and secure.

Custom Tin Packaging from JPak International
At JPak International, we’re of course known as top-rated plastic bag manufacturers, but our custom tin boxes and decorative tins offer another exceptional packaging solution that combines durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to package gourmet food items, health and wellness products, retail goods, or industrial supplies, our tins are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Contact us today to explore our customizable tin packaging options and find the perfect solution for your products. Let JPak International help you create packaging that not only protects but also enhances the value of your products.